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Wtf I can’t find iggy?!?? Either someone found her or my sister took her…. fuuuck.




CollegeHumor: The 10 Lies You Tell Yourself Every All-Nighter

This is all me.

at least everyone has positive thinking even if its all BS lies

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via Cop v. Black Guy

What’s really sad here, is that the only unrealistic thing about this, is that the Stormtrooper hit his mark.

^ that is literally the first thought I had about this.

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Sugar Glider appreciation post <3

I need to draw more sugar gliders.

If you think you’re having a weird day, just remember: I saw an old ladies pair of hoohaas at work today and am now scarred for life.

Finally found a way to keep one of my gliders from chasing the other from the food bowls by putting  a bowl into a shoebox with a hole in it



Happening Now (10.8.14): Oh dear God, not again. Another life lost in St Louis. So little information right now, but it seems that an unarmed 18-year old boy was tased then shot 16 times by an officer, possibly off-duty. Not clear what provoked the event, but I’ll keep you updated as info is released. #staywoke #blacklivesmatter

Follow the Argus Livestream as events unfold tonight.

click this livestream it’s getting intense

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